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The Superfood Club's superfood powders are the products at the heart of our brand.

They are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, easy to use and most of all, 100% natural!


View our latest and most popular accessories to use with our superfoods! Each of these accessories have been uniquely designed. You will find yourself conveniently using them almost every single day!

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View our best recipes that are both easy to make and also great tasting. We have recipes covering drinks and breakfast ideas, all the way to baked goods and desserts. Make your balanced and healthy lifestyle easy and enjoyable!

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This butterfly pea powder is earthy and delicious, perfect for smoothies or even bubble tea concoctions!

Kimberley on Butterfly Pea Powder

I love the fact that these powders add such vibrant colours to my creations. Not to mention they are healthy for our bodies! I will definitely be buying more when i finish my current packs!

William on The Superfood Starter Bundle

Convenient to use and very easy to clean, as it comes with the cleaning brush and carry bag. Very satisfying to drink from, and being reusable I don't have to worry about soggy paper straws the next time I order a drink!

Sean on The Glass Straw Set

Super easy to use! I love adding it to my smoothie bowl for that extra pop of colour

Lina on Pink Pitaya Powder