Simple Teas

Simple Teas:

Teas are a great drink to make when you need to clear your mind to focus on your work or to wind down and relax after a busy day.

To make it easy and simple for you, we recommend using:

Steps on making a Superfood Powder Tea
  1. Grab your favourite mug
  2. Scoop ½-1 teaspoon of the powder of your choice and add it into the mug
  3. Add hot water to your mug and stir for 30 seconds until powder dissolves
  4. Let the tea rest and sit for 2 - 5 min before enjoying slowly

Recommendations and Tips when making your tea:

  • Our recommendation is to have one cup of tea a day whether in the morning or one at night
  • If having your tea in the morning, we recommend having it separate to your breakfast. This is so that you can taste the natural and detoxifying properties of the powders. This will be helpful for your concentration and focus.
  • If having your tea at night, we recommend making your teas after dinner about 1-3 hours before you go to sleep. This can either be when you're doing some night-time work or if you are just winding down before sleep.
  • There may be a bit of sediment at the bottom of the tea. Feel free to use a strainer if you prefer not to have it there, alternatively, simply throw the sediment out once you finish your tea.